18 Jan 2018

Miss My Mersey Mermaid

The sun has set on my incoming tides
the rush to claim the fairground rides
to throw my afghan across the puddles
the very thought leaves me in muddles.

Yet it seems just yesterday I ran
through the market past the van
unloading fruit and veg, fish and meat
to our lunchtime bevvy, our special treat.

A pint of Higsons and a couple of straws
the blue one mine and the pink one yours
gazing into your mascara’d eyes
I wove a net of conniving lies

I’ve really only me to blame
with promises of stardom, dreams of fame
no wonder you saw through my schemes
to try and fool you with my dreams.

My Biba model, my Mary Quant
what I thought every girl would want
to pose before a gleaming lens
but that ideal is surely mens.

No dolly bird would want to strip
for a party seven and a greasy chip
so although I thought I had you made
you had no intention to parade

Around my dingy terraced flat
with me as Warhol thinking that
I had conned you into my bed
but you were clearly streets ahead

And ready with a sharp retort
when I stupidly voiced the thought
like any wholesome Liver bird
you shut me up with just one word

And turning on a platform heel
you quickly left me to feel
that I had clearly underestimated
the fairer sex and felt berated.

Now many years have passed
those heady times could never last
and I wonder now in modern days
why I did not expect to find your ways

To be so different from mine
but I was a chauvinistic swine
and lost the chance to love the one
true soulmate now forever gone

Instead I’m left upon the shelf
and constantly chastise myself
the rivers strength flows in your veins
its timeless beauty still remains

Haunting my reveries and regrets
for those brief moments ill not forget  
the Mersey beat of your proud heart
singing so loudly from the start

you wowed me in those early days
your easy laugh, your hippy ways
made sure that I would never lose
the image of your departing shoes.

For although I thought I could win
your heart and smile, that dimpled chin
I was already lost without a doubt
And my clumsy plans would get thrown out.

That summer of Love was truly real
but I confused the way I feel
with simple lust and manly greed
for concrete love and honest need

Now I’m condemned to depths infernal
After losing love eternal
had I just heard the song
you’d been singing all along

your mystic sirens fluid grace
Sun dappled skin and freckled face
was showing me the one true way
to learn to love another way

had I heard and not been distracted.
Made sure my pass was then retracted
Looked beyond your kinky boots
Explored the options to their roots

Softly softly i’d tread the stair
To your pad and find you there
Your flat was tiny, of this I’m certain
window drawn with paisley curtains.

a battered sofa and formica table
a case of books on myth and fable
covered with candles and draped in beads
Just for show as no one reads

instead I had to push my luck
dragging your innocence through the muck
and rightly so you cut me free
Told me to go and let you be

now I am old, alone and sad
wondering what we could have had
I wish I’d never made you go

cos now I’m ebb and you’re the flow.