18 Jan 2018

Comebat Backman (All is forgiven)

I still check the dark street corners
Amongst fading flowers and crowds of mourners
For flapping swathes of black and blue
But these days it seems  there’s no sign of you.

For us mere mortals, things are rotten
It seems to me that you’ve forgotten
It’s your place to right our wrongs
And hear your exploits hailed in songs.

But lately I’ve noticed it’s been while
Since you brought any baddies home to trial
Are you getting old, do you walk now with a Kane?
Has all of that battling left you in pain?

Or has Middle age spread and too much fast food
Made you lethargic and less in the mood
To fight our injustices and settle our scores
Or is the man in the street now a lost cause?

But then you’re human too just like me
Probably turned on your telly and been able to see
That supervillain and nemesis are now long gone
You’re the last of your kind, the only one.

Unable to be anywhere at a glance
You’re not Superman, you haven’t a chance
When bad things happen everywhere on the globe
You’re probably napping in your comfy bathrobe.

When the man on the street can happily turn
And watch without feeling his neighbourhood burn
There’s no mushroom cloud warning to cover your head
The suicide bomber makes sure you are dead.

Without rambling monologues, the plan can proceed
These terror attacks will always succeed
There’s no spandex and dayglo or capes to be seen
Not even a jacket in camouflage green.

You just sit back and relax and recall the days
Of heroes and villains and unending praise
This isn’t a story which just needs amending

For It doesn’t bode well for a comicbook ending.