11 Feb 2017

And The Word Was - Creativity

Post launch and time to reflect on the final exhibit and the process of curating the exhibit. Its been some months in the making and a lesson in curation and organisation. Stepping back and looking at the work, I am relieved and immensley gratified to have the chance to work with some talented and generous artists and writers, who have given up their time to both assist with the behind the scenes practicalities and to take time out of their packed schedules to create new pieces especially for the show.

The exhibit will run until the 24th of February and features the work of Brendan Quinn, poet and writer studying for a Masters, Jessie Hill, second year BA writer and Film student, Jen Murphy, MA student writer, Sue Comer, visual artist and MA student and Philippa Holloway, Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD student.

I am also extremely grateful to the inventive and entertaining writer and editor Mr Nicholas Royle, who runs the Nightjar press and edits the Best British Short Stories sequence, who, after a presentation to the creative writing Masters seminar group, kindly agreed to open the exhibition and spend time chstting to the artists and the audience in his usual candid and enthralling fashion.