18 Nov 2016


Considering all, I wandered alone.
As a boreal evening bloomed above, 
I paused on frost crisp turf, 

Breezes draining sound into the valley
to fold into the treeline below
through the wintered air.

Panoplies of gems swarming above
revealed a paredolian sight
in a remote web of stars.

Pulsing, glowing lightly ,
a star more vigorous than its fellows,                                                                 
writhing against a ribbon of gas. 

I apprehended a note
Infrasonic, descending the scales
to tickle my ear, keening softly .

Tremulous with fear, fading ululations
concerted with the pulsar parsecs distant,
a grieving wail of ending.

Dark saurians had ambled across
sweating jungles here as its
star stuff had evaporated.

Millennia hence, after
crossing vacuous ethers,                                                                                       
plaintive and strident

The echo of its passing
arrived here, as I beheld
Its shimmering vision falter.

In the dusted heavens
a singular smudge of umbra
wiped away that glistening face.

Silence, vast and utter
cleaved around me,                                                                                                                    
the pall of aeons.

Spell broken, mind freed,
I descended the shadows behind the hill
As velvet clouds drew closed above.