7 Jun 2015

I Rang Up The Silver Surfer

Sleepless nights.
Empty days.
Things got bad, getting worse.
Toast butterside down,
Milk spoiled, toilet roll empty.
I was desperate, indecisive.
Or so I thought -
- flash of insight
- stirring of memory

The number. The mysterious note. The stranger.
I picked up the phone -
Dialled the number H.E.R.A.L.D

Cosmic tones bathed the ear
Ether reverberating with space
Infinite sound echoing infinitely..

I was about to quit - hang up, disconsolate.
A click.
A whistle.
A taste of white sound

Then a word, distant, spare, vast:
"E X C E L S I O R"

A breathy whisper, but encompassing galaxies.
I put down the phone.
My heart beat in the prison of my chest.

'Nuff said.

(For Woodsy - mentor, muse and mate)