19 Oct 2014


Washing day wind whips

Hair into clouds

breath from cheeks

Rusty leaves tossed into sky

Blue water laps nervously

Far below a path

Taken by gawkers

Past cloistered roofs and rotting door

Lobster pots catch the eye as

Villagers glumly spy from mullions

See saw creaking

Flagpole snapping

Breezy eddy in tight corners

Round last summer blooms

Window boxing for the sun

Warmed brick and licked cobble

Gull spotted and grey

Light splinters from

Green splashes waving

Sparkles to glittering schist

An arm thrown down

To resist the pounding sea

Round a sugar bowl bay

Cubed white cottages spooned

Down the cliffs

Effecting a postcard sweetness

In sips of salt air