19 Oct 2014


the bound  less crowds dis  gorged
Un checked in riotous fecundity
Gathered in playful                       knots
Bodies battening   on maps of line
the accumuli of            sigils perch nest  ed in crags
of paper.
Marshalling schools of               thought
regimented           crowds of          pupils
eager for attention,
shoulder orphaned               islands                  of foundling flecks
hesitant and            raw.
Clustering in mewling           dog eared abandon.
Reign them, net them
Unman them with sickle         and nib
crush back the    chaff
to ingest the   ear
bite off the heads, jealous            god
pound back the        vigorous off spring
bathe in the blood
drain out the v i t a l s,
feast on the flesh
spare none from the         cull.
Kill ing my children
Brains dashed a c r o s s            the page
De liver ed back to the source
to ruminate on quotidian aspects.
Re made in formiciform c h a i n s,
Hundred hand ed they climb                              forth
ordered and refreshed
everted into being
cleaving to the