19 Oct 2014


At the bedside
morning appears, fully dressed,
tickling my face with the curtain.
Drowning in a sea of flesh
I surface to gasp mouthfuls of day.
Black coffee and hot water
Carry the weight of slippered feet
Into a still rushing garden of sound
Clothed in lethargy I watch
Birds burned to shadows
while blessed with floral scent
In a heat wrapped torpid frame,
Blood melts to flow as
meat sags on the bone.
Face baking like bread
In the furnace heat of day.
Time flows resinous.
paper whiteness blazes
the pen twitches
seeking the cardinal.
Frankenstein’s lightning
tremors waking the ulna
fretting the radius.

A scratching seismography
telegraphs in dry ink
to a hungry page.
Hand becoming jaw
pen becoming tongue
words spilling like sigils –

Pause. zero time, white noise
until the next pass
consciousness suspended
Id having scrawled
then having scrat, moves on
leaving silent, listless sublime